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8 New Year’s Resolutions For Higher Education

Happy New Year 2022
Happy New Year 2022

8 New Year’s Resolutions For Higher Education

As 2022 gets underway, U.S. higher education leaders should take the opportunity to adopt an institutional version of new year resolutions.

1. We will not allow students to graduate with any more than $25,000 in total undergraduate student loan debt. Whether through lowering costs of tuition and fees or providing more aid or better financial aid advising, our commitment is linked to the knowledge that a graduate’s overall wellbeing is negatively impacted by debt levels over $25k for 25 years or more.

2. We will guarantee that every student has at least one paid internship or co-op experience and that it will also include academic credit toward graduation.

3. We will guarantee that all graduates leave our institution with both a degree and a specific, in-demand industry skill or industry-recognized credential.

4. We will ensure that each student works on at least one long-term project or capstone experience as part of their academic classes from which they will have a portfolio example to share with employers.

5. We will use descriptive words to highlight the value of liberal arts without saying the words liberal arts. The name is a maligned brand but the inherent value of the education is as valuable as ever.

6. We will embrace hybridity as the new default and future and not simply as a temporary pandemic modality.

7. We will build mentoring and coaching into every facet of every program and faculty/staff incentive plan at our institution.

8. We will recognize that the ultimate growth for U.S. higher education will come on three fronts that we are currently poorly equipped to address.

Source – Forbes

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