boygenius – Powers Lyrics

boygenius Powers Lyrics

How did it start?
Did I fall into a nuclear reactor
Crawl out with acid skin or something worse
A hostile alien ambassador?
Or am I simply another of the universe’s failed experiments?
Either way I have been wondering
Just how it is
How it is
I have never heard
Never heard
The tale of how I got my powers

Thrust into being
Careening along
On a crooked little trajectory
Dissolving in movement
A body in orbit
Or a roach on his way to the gutter?

The tail of a comet burned up in an instant
The destruction of matter
There’s no object to be seen in the supercollider
Just the light in the tunnel and whatever gets scattered
Life flashing before the eye of
Whatever comes after

The force of our impact, the fission
The hum of our contact
The sound of our collisions