Cardi B – Bongos Lyrics

Cardi B Bongos Lyrics, Megan Thee Stallion Bongos Lyrics

Like a drum
This is fire

N****, eat this ass like a plum (Plum)
This pussy tight like a nun (Nun)
Better chew it up like it’s gum (Gum)
Then wipe your mouth when you done (Okay)
I’m hot like Nevada, pussy get popped, Piñata
Bitch, I look like money, you could print my face on a dollar
Like money, beat it up
Beat it up
Beat it up
Beat it up

Five, four, three, two, one, lift off
Honey, I’m home, shoes gettin’ kicked off (Uh)
Every time I turn around, a bitch pissed off (Ah-ha)
Little dusty ass hoes need a lint brush (Woo)
You gon’ settle down, you gon’ live with him (What?)
I don’t even wanna post a pic with him (No)
The bag he just bought me was a Goyard (Goyard)
That ain’t yo’ n****, he is both ours

Pussy tight like a nun (Nun)
Countin’ hundreds up with my thumb (Thumb)
I don’t care where you from (From)
Better beat this shit like a drum (Okurr)
Don’t be talkin’ shit like you know me (Woo)
I ride dick like a Pony
Girl, that n**** look like a brokey
Real hot girl shit
Go and fuck with his homie, he a…

This ass sit like a stallion, all these wannabes my lil’ ponies
These hoes camped out in the comments, always talkin’ like they know me (Aye)
Thick bitches in a black truck, packed in
Eat whoever in my way Ms. Pacman
Hermes, made a real big purchase
Purse so big, had to treat it like a person
Bad bitch in real life
Bad bitch in real life
Show me real love, give a fuck about them likes
‘Bout them likes
Bitch tryna say I ain’t fine, oh, alright
They know I’m thick like I’m eatin’ beans with the rice
Like lean over ice, got the real meat pies
I be spillin’ like my ass, out these jeans when they tight
And the way they watch me, need to be monetized (Ah)
I’ma need a money bag if I sleep overnight
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait
Hoes pop pills, but I’m the one they can’t take
Hot girl shit, I’ma make somethin’ shake
I know these stiff hoes can’t relate (Ah)

Shoot ya shot like a free throw
Just know this pussy ain’t free though
My BD is a Migo
Bitch, your BD is a zero
My back shots sound like bongos
I ain’t scared to admit, I’m a freak hoe
At least I’m get my money
Y’all hoes broke, pussy took more turns than a key hole

It did
Like a bun
I’ma throw it back like it’s Thursday
I got cake, I’m lit, it’s my birthday (Ah)
Don’t ride it on my knees, bitch, I ride it on my toes
Big fat ass, he be eatin’ up the thong
Gotta garage full of foreign cars that I never drove
A bitch couldn’t school me with a student loan

I’m so sexy, I could Met Gala in a robe
I could body every look and I could body every pose (Yes)
Neck full of diamonds, yeah, I’m forever froze
Will Cardi ever fall off? Bitch, we’ll never know (Whoa)

Beat it up

Bitch, I’m hot, like Nevada (Nevada)
Pussy get popped, Piñata (Bap)
Lookin’, like money (Cold)
You could print my face on a dollar (Okay)
This pussy, Dominicana!
This pussy, Americana! (Aye)
Si tu quiere que te toma toma
Bought a couple cribs on my own, I’m a owner

Beat it up
Real hot girl shit