d4vd – Poetic Vulgarity Lyrics

d4vd Poetic Vulgarity Lyrics

Hello, are you there?
‘Cause I missed you at the show tonight
Anytime, anywhere
I just want to make sure you’re alright

If you’re off with someone better
Then I won’t fall too
What can I do
But complain about us?
Times were better
But it seems minute
The grand scheme of things
Never seemed to like us

We never fit in the same frame
The pictures always cut me out
The right love but in the wrong time frame
Heart too small, you had to push me out

Hello, I’m still here
And I’m holding my tears in my hands
And if you were gonna walk away
The least you could’ve done was say in advance
“I’m leaving you”

Heartless woman
Time consuming
Headache inducing whore
It’s all that you are
It’s all you ever were
I’m sorry for bruising you up with my words
But you did the same
Not too long ago
How does it feel to have your heart in your throat?
Biting the flesh
How does it taste?
I still remember the kisses you gave
To a broken boy
Drown out the noise
Everything that you once had in your voice
Is no longer there
Trapped in the void
Of everything that we once tried to destroy