Danny Brown – Down Wit It Lyrics

Danny Brown Down Wit It Lyrics

What the f**k I’m possed to do now?
All alone, now feeling like a clown
Should’ve listen to my homie when he told me “slow down”
Caught up in the moment, it was stuck in the clouds
Lifestyle or this music shit? Have me on some stupid shit
Never would’ve thought I’d f**k up who I’m the closest with
All my fault, for most of it
Thought I knew everything, but don’t know shit
That’s why I’m so sick
Lost in my emotions, the path I’ve chosen
Left a n**** broken, can’t stay focused
Tryna kill my pain, so I drink
Whoever whould’ve thought It would end this way
Caught a couple times, but I though we straight
Got caught a couple times, but I thought we straight

I had a woman down with me, but to me, she was down to get me
Helped me out in this shit, now I’m realizing that I love her

Thought that everything was sweet
Now I belong to the streets
Thought that I was on the crib
Now I’m feeling like a creep
World fell apart ever since she left