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Dax – Rap Demigod

Dax Rap Demigod
Dax – Rap Demigod

Dax Rap Demigod Mp3 Download, Dax Rap Demigod Video Mp4 Download

Canadian versatile rapper, Dax has released a brand new single titled “Rap Demigod“, accompanied with a visual.

The new song “Rap Demigod” is an avenue where Dax reinstates his rap capability and his skills in rap.

With production credit from LexNour Beats. Video shot in Canada.

Watch and share your thoughts below;

Dax – Rap Demigod VIDEO MP4

Dax Rap Demigod Lyrics

A Demi god
a being with partial or lesser divine status, such as a minor deity, the offspring of a god and a mortal, or a mortal raised to divine rank.
You decide

I came in just like lightning
Got bars just like Verizon
I’m eating rappers up
This shit is appetizing
I used to dream about it now I’m through with fantasizing
Greatest up and coming do your research fucking analyze it

(Verse 1)
What they gon say bout a boy who raps with a name like DAX
so fast 100 meter dash on the track spit fast put the whole damn 6 on his back
Click clack gotta take the good with the bad
God damn man that boi look good when he mad, good good when he mad good good good good when he mad good good when he mad
Pussy lil nigga stop playing with me
Finish a rapper like A to Z
Bars like bullets they’ll fatally switch yo your thoughts like ADD
I’ve been waiting patiently
Top spot there’s a vacancy
They say that I’m cocky but I just think I was made to be
That ain’t no maybe this ain’t maybelline
You cannot phase me you won’t take the beast
Y’all niggas Y’all was made to believe
I was cut from the cloth I was made to achieve
Try to cut a nigga off haha this a breeze
Try to say I went soft u eint talking to me
If you eint talking to me who you talking to
Dax only gon do wat the bosses
I’m a Mac in the game you prostitute
I ain’t fucking wit the vibe I do not compute
Put respect on my name if you claim Ima lame and ya game ain’t the same Ima prosecute block shots on a spot like ibaka do tom cruise I done did the impossible
I know they say I’m crazy
Flow switch like Bruce Caitlyn
They just gon have to pay me

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