Erigga – Strong Warning (Outro) Lyrics

Erigga Strong Warning Outro Lyrics

I go make sure this upstairs dem put fire dem burn am
You never know na me dey try me you go die today na die you go die
Make I wait small you carry knife you think say me no get knife
Me when get cutlass and bottle and Axe
I go make sure I bury you today if you no die you go know say dem no dey call

Enereh junction with my two friends
Two girls sofree press am na new Benz
Look all the ogbor dem when dey my back
Na boys when I put on who you put on when u dey cap
Juju when quite blow Igbo for him face
Leave uche face we no dey look am tell am make e gbes
The kala no be for décor
One call see the way we shift ur network
(You get call )Tell father make e come take e Bible
I no go need am my demon wan borrow me e rifle
The coast no clear observe the camry when dey my back
Incase dey move wrong tell efe make dem jam dem for back
My temper short Arya star skirt
The shoes I order am for Farfetch
Na all this things make area dey vex

Enter Ghana
Find chairman when dem wan follow dey press
Luis v cap but I Dey pair am with my isb
My own mech dey come area hope you ready
Na big transaction We need keep ur award pluqe
Na before Nai we need am right now na more cars
Gbomo gbomo doings and lifestyle
Legendary na we hand una dey curve style
We dey see end Joey shey na stream farm
What ever float your boat but no come here dey form (scam)
After we park for front of he house with like 6 Benz
5 Lexus 2 hilux surround your full fence
Na me put you shut up before I load that your mouth
Dirty garage nobody know you before for the south
Small Congo meat when you hurry swallow
Dey give you mind
Kiniovo Abeg enh spray that jalo behind
One call Coast clear blast am
You think say me no get people you think say i no get battalion
When go close the whole fence when go blow the whole house????