JID – Half Doin Dope Lyrics

JID Half Doin Dope Lyrics (feat. Lil Yachty), BabyTron Half Doin Dope Lyrics

Hey J.I.D bro whats good
My n***a what’s happenin I’m back in this hoe
What’s goin on with y’all I hope y’all straight
Fuck all them crackers I’m packing a poll
Fuck all them stupid ass racist bitches
I gave them rappers their time at the podium
I ain’t spoken, ain’t speak in a moment
It’s been a minute, I was feeding the homeboys
Where the hell you been then lil bro?
Holdin it down keep my n***as afloat
Oh you mean like investing? Like giving back to the community?
He in the mile with pounds of dope
Oh shit I see what you mean boy you had it
She got that mouth and that throat of a goat
Would be on that private, go fuck on my bro
You scandalous hoes, Olivia Pope
I’m having some motion
I’m having some brunch in Miami with HOV
I’m bragging on bros
I’m black and fuckin drippy dragging my scrotum
I’m mad they fucking had their head

Half don’t have a daddy at home
Half doin dope
Habitat of hazard
They had the stones
N***as hustling running home
Like a habit but amateurs any mood
That motherfucker threw that shit on today
Look at me drippy
Fresh out the boat
Where you goin? Where you been? Where you goin to?
Came for the crown on a head of a goat
Exactly. Come roll that shit up then
Half of an ounce and then catch me a Coke
I used to be surfing on couches and sofas
Needed a shower, water and soap
Damn little dirty ass n***a how you get this shit?
I put this shit on my back for the team
Oh you gotta protect yourself n***a I know you ain’t playin
My choppa scene beyond Celine
Damn that motherfucka down he ain’t playin with y’all
One for my momma, and one for my queen
Now one for the drama of causing the scene
They called em in traffic got em 20 E’s
I come from Atlanta
I’m Tony, I’m Tony Montana
I told em I’ll toe em, I’ll tag em
My brody told me quit my dope and I rap
While he wrappin dope putting hope in the trap
And the total package
Y’all don’t know if he’s bracken
But n***as know who he holdin in heaven
In the hood constantly battling bad or good
I ain’t mad at em all of us spiritual
And I don’t give a fuck
I know your ass get wealthy
I gotta wrap this up
Gotta go get cash
Never had too much
Got a bag in a flash then I past you up
The raps is a wrap
I could smack you up like a pimp cup, in a cap with a limp and whippin’ a lack on rims
I thought it was him I thought that was you, my n***a
I didn’t catch a n***a walkin out in the gym

10 in a half put it right on your neck
10,000 dollars put it right on your exit
If you like this song hype I’m high as a jet
I’m a green light it
Respond to the step team
Rapped … feels just like a wet dream
Flew this bitch out all I saw was a nip
This shit feel like I went through a terrible sex scene
Who’s selling guns I need ….
I’m in Detroit damn near more than the Pistons
Last n***a played on my neck came up missing
So much demon work then we’re close to religion
No way to God would let all these n***as stay high and living
I did too much for the next out of love
Been at the bottom and look we’re above
Trust me it’s iffy we’re under then up
Sunnyside like coupes yellow like mustard
Workin so hard tryin not to get flustered
Of course Imma straight cut up and bust like we bustin
I reserved all my feelings I knew not to trust em
N***as know go bout this shit without question
Round about sets before I buy a section
Round about Los Angeles before I lease ….
White boy … but I talk like a priest
It’s us

Easy or the hard way, I took the crack route
Ain’t it crazy that I never had to work the trap house
Novak Djokovic how I put em racks out
Old girl think she cute cause she got her ass out
That’s 2022 for you
Why you call him broke when it’s time, he won’t shoot for you
You brought a pole to the fight I got a nuke for you
I got a four got a pint got a deuce for you
I like it cold with some ice in my double cup
I’m off to flights in this sprinter fuck a shuttle bus
Moonwalk in the blunt
I might hover up
So much money in my backpack I might pinch a nerve
Pull up in that bitch hellcat I might hit the curve
She might hit me with that one brain damn this bitch a nerd
She might hit me with that one brain then she gettin swerved
Too many blues in a row I can’t count blood
You wanna hand out?
How about no
Doji Yamauto came a long way from South Club
Touch down…
RIP time its Tuesday its a tombs day
Walkin round like I’m Bruce Wayne
Summer’s kicking, zooming Mr. Lupe
Told her quit the playing
We ain’t K I D’s
Lil bitch a fan, she just asked if I know J I D
Said we yo you must a missed the A I E
I mean A E I shit I’m tired been a crazy week
First rule was put a 5 E R K I C
Told the bitch don’t question me
I ain’t A I C
City boys
You know what the fuck goin on