Valley Vocalist And Drummer Karah James Shares A New Single “Champagne”

Valley Champagne
Valley Champagne

Valley Champagne

JUNO Award Nominated alternative-pop band Valley share their optimistic new single “CHAMPAGNE” through Capitol Records / Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company.

This is a special release for Valley, celebrating the sole female vocalist and drummer Karah James who steps out from behind her kit and into the spotlight as lead vocals on “CHAMPAGNE,” a moment fans have been waiting for and Valley has been working towards.

Rob illuminates, “Karah takes the lead on this one, singing from a powerful and refreshing female lens.

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In the writing process certain narratives, lyrics, sections, and phrases jump out at us and almost assign themselves to either Karah or myself, most of the time it’s just about how honest we can keep the songs and a lot of that comes from the delivery of vocals.

We’re lucky to have multiple singers in the band so that we can keep it fresh.”


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