Kendrick Lamar – Savior (Interlude) Lyrics

Kendrick Lamar Savior Interlude Lyrics

Ever seen your momma strung out while you study division?
Your uncle ever stole from you day after Christmas?
Seen both of those in the county jail visits
The first and the fifteenth the only religion
Noodles in the microwave, Shark Tank, tidal wave
Grandma shootin’ n*****, blood on the highway
Crosses on the dashboard, you just want a platform
I’m gonna take everything that I ask for

Catch me a body, I put that on anybody but my mama
She showin’ a pattern for certain, I think it’s white panties and minimum condoms
My uncle would tell me the shit in the movies could only be magic
This year I did forty-three shows and took it all home to buy him a casket
Jack of all trades, got money out the way
My heart in the faith, I’m good love
Cousin the courts, heard he jumped out the Porsche
Turn a brick to a Porsche, I’m good love
Catch us, you know I’m gon’ rack up
I need the advance and the equity to match up
The engineer dead if the drive don’t back up
These words come from God, you could never out-rap us

Nowadays gotta walk cautious, ay
Nowadays I’ma new prophet, ay
Game dead, no autopsy, ay
City girl with they new hobby, ay
Catch a body but the Prada in the tada
N**** ’bout to get some pussy, give me five
Gun dirty, got the 30 in the purse purse
Tight bitch put a percy in a salad

I gotta pray for the basic
I never seen my n***** bust down faces
Them n***** not tasteless
I only had one chance, I ain’t even waste it

Been down on my luck
Been down on my luck when I fall
I gotta get up
I gotta get back up and ball
RIP under my people, I’m proud of my people, I’m proud of my dawgs
My ex got a Beamer, she want me to see it, I still ain’t gon’ see it like okay
I love when it ratchet, I don’t do a Patek, I still do the watches the old way
She think I’m conceited, I’m thinking ’bout cheating, I don’t the flowers or role play
Now how can I fold looking at 20 million? This money don’t come with a pro-rate
Momma, I said it’d be okay
I got this shit brackin’ in four days

Four eyes
Four eyes
Two eyes
Switch sides, n***** be fresh out suicide doors, I suicide suicide
Lambo body, who gon’ stop me? Baby Keem is too wild
Function at the temple, Jesus pieces in the luau
Mr. Morale

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