Nardo Wick – Wickstyle Lyrics

Nardo Wick Wickstyle Lyrics

Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang
Gang, gang, gang-gang-gang
Gang, gang, gang-gang-gang
Gang, gang, gang-gang-gang

Middle fingers up, sh*t, n*****, that’s just the mood I’m in
I already showed they ass before, f**k it, show they ass again
Keep sayin’ he gon’ stand on business, why the f**k he ain’t did it then?
Can’t compare me to these n*****s, they ain’t in the group I’m in
She keep tryna make me smile, say she like it when I grin
“Nardo, let me in your heart,” not by the hair that’s on my chin
Don’t make promises that I can’t keep, no, I’m not that type of man
But if a n***** play, I promise he’ll never— (Huh-huh), again (Mhm)
Niggas act like hoes, them hoes more gangster than these n*****s
Like the way that I put on my clothes, say I be cleaner than her n*****
Hopped out, all they seen was flashes like we was takin’ a bunch of pictures
I know a couple n*****s bangin’ B like they Jigga
Check out the phone, my mama say these n*****s ain’t f**kin’ with me
I ride ’round with that Llama, no, this b**** not no semi
If I text you, “Vroom-vroom,” let me come ’round and act of Henny
If I text you, “Vroom-vroom,” let me come ’round and act of Henny
Your lady say she like me, your lady say she love me
Your lady wanna f**k me (Uh, uh, uh)
I’m with all the f**kery, a n***** better not f**k with me or sh*t gon’ get real ugly (Uh, uh, uh)
My lil’ n*****’ll do you in like the first two letters in, “Universe”
If it go down right now, before I ask questions, I’ma shoot it first (Grrah-grrah)
You get a Hearse, switch on the Glock, now, I shoot and curse
All the other b****es bad, but, baby, you the worst
Told me she ain’t got no night curls, told her, “Just put on my shirt”
She got that water like a ocean, and I’m bored, let me surf
Tryna beef ’bout a b**** get put thirty toes in dirt
Why the f**k he got his hand out? He ain’t never put in no work (Uh)
Zoomin’ ’round the backstreet doin’ twenty in my circle (SRT)
Take off a n***** face he touch these diamonds on my shirt
My n***** damn near wrecked this whip, he say he dropped his Perc’
She left my house dumb as f**k, she pulled up with a nerd
If I had a millionaire talkin’ ’bout letter, b****, I’ll be broke as f**k
If a n***** play in this part of Broward, I ain’t gon’ lie, I’ma shoot the party up
I know I’m famous, if I catch that boy, I’ma f**k that boy there up
All that advice, if my n*****s come through, it’s, “Duh-duh-duh”
Hashtag gang-sh*t, hashtag bang-sh*t, hashtag crank-sh*t, hashtag flame-sh*t

Gang, gang, gang-gang-gang-gang