Reminisce – E.N.K.R (Remix) Lyrics

Reminisce E.N.K.R Remix Lyrics (feat. Ycee & Rhookcastle)

Mo ti jinde sẹ mi o ku mọ
Ọmọ langidi mo duro
Wọn p’owe but wọn o mọ itumọ
If you don’t gerrit ya kuro

Ọjadaddy alhaji ni mi mo lọ Mecca
Koda mo tun ge gorimapa
Mo maa n ranju mọ kala gan-an t’awọn ọmọ ba binu maami wa a gbọ ratatata

Awọn ọmọ ti wọle mo ti sanwo school mo ko kuro n le ki n le ba ti yin jẹ
Ina-aitena kali kauthar, don’t take the piss maami ki n maa n lọ ba ti yin jẹ o

Ọjadaddy eeyan lọbalọba
Elastic ni sẹ man it’s rubber rubber
Aṣọ funfun nẹnẹ bi t’Ọshofa shọfa
Ojo ti fẹ rọ better take cover cover

No face so no case, otherwise I show face
Pussy n***** gat no place
Otherwise I burn down the whole place

I put in work and I gbọpẹ
These other n***** kọ n joṣẹ
Fuck shit up cuz I don’t care
Ọjadaddy don’t go there

Smile to the bank but i gat no joy
What’s a young man to a no boy
We dey burn loud making no noise
Imma fuck it up I gat no choice

Book flights to the Maldives
You’re big rat getting no cheese
Now tell me if there’s no one else
Dem man na go Troy

Back to back like a diss record
Kill a first then a hater second
See that nice flow that’s my secret weapon
Now im about to point it at your favorite rapper

I just want peace and harmony
Ycee what they wanna see
Nicks calling me a monkey
Because 24/7 I’m always on trees

As a little boy I had good grade
But I’m a young man on a high grade
Want smoke but they won’t wait
Running from the NDLEA

Send goons so you move out
Now I pull up in your new out
Tell me what you’re gonna do now
1 Naira no be 2 Pounds, true love

Pardon my attitude not that I’m mad at you
Just that there’s nobody good enough
Nobody badder I’m climbing the ladder
I’m checking the data like who dey top

Ọlọrun n gbọ ọmọ ko s’ẹnikan
Awọn to laya t’ọn duro mo sẹyin wọn
I am the latest for you are outdated, ọpọn ma ti sun wo ko n ṣẹyin mọ

Fi ‘lẹ ọgẹni wo o pọ
Ọmọ to sun ti o ṣiṣẹ ma lo gọ ọ
Yago lọna ọga lo n bọ
Ẹ sọ fun Jagaban pe emi ma lo kan

I keep updating I don’t dull
I am my own boss
You taking roll calls
Used to ride in my Ford Focus
Story ti change I came in a Rolce Royce

Everything fresh
All the ladies now getting intense
All of my energy I had to invest
Now I’m kicking my verses
With only the best oh I mean yes

They are coming second
Cos these rappers reckon
I hope on a record on every session
I’m leaving no questions
I change their impressions
I steal the attention

Now everyone’s dead
Your favorite top on my list
I lay my heart on a beat
Anything I put my mind to
Hommie I have to
Nothing is hard to achieve

Told you it’s nothing me bro, it’s nothing to see
I’ll be all i can be
I get all that I need
Turn my pain into hits
Give me rappers to feed, then it’s bon apetit

I’m just here ready take mine
Anything good has to take time
Slim shady had to walk through 8 miles
So I’m ready the slogan of great minds

You hit the break at the red sign
I keep going I don’t stop
I keep on serving the best rhymes
You keep on studying me close up