Russ Millions – SPLASH OUT 5 Lyrics

Russ Millions SPLASH OUT 5 Lyrics

My man looks like he ain’t got a tenner
** told me that I fucked her better
We do homework then apply that pressure
Spin, spin like David Guetta

Hot gyal
Hot like Jamaican whether
Ah Mi Dat
Fill up mash with pepper
My new gyal got all my old tings jealous
Spin, spin like David Guetta

I need that
Eagle, dessert

Send man hell
Cah they don’t go heaven
The cops and opps tryna block mans blessings
The kids on bail but up like seven
I don’t take L’s
I’m learning lessons
Fuck ** fill up the ride with weapons
In due time we will (Baow!)
In due time we will get him

Deserve a trophy, lots of girls been chopped
She can’t get fuck cah she chats too much
Cave hotel the ramping shop
Gun man, made her panties drop
It was Dread what we to **
** and ** got boxed
M splash mek dem run in shops
(M splash mek dem run in shops)

They know that Russian don’t play
I’m getting paid, I’m having my way
Chocolate boy, the girls wanna taste
X-rated, buss my nut in her face

Carti’s, AP’s
Look at the face
This Patek cost like 100k
I paid 40 for my day-date and I spent 300k on my chains

Man pull up in ranges mercs or bimmers
I like autos, shotguns and spinners
Beenie man in my zim zimma
Chosen one, born as a winner

Irrelevant they need medicine
Too delicate, my tings separate
In my element
Gyal tek elephant
Bedroom specialist

Yo, tunnel vision
You know Russ with the Russ I’m different
Had your girl in mad positions
Once I hit that once, I’m missing

Everyting fuck when gunman reach
Oi, don’t you know skengs get beat
Gun man alone mek gyak get weak

I got money on my head go get your bread back
Got a range and a X6 with a big back
If corn gets flung then the Killys did that
Everyting get fuck when corn dispatch

Russ can’t take no bad up
I’ma bad boy, but your girlfriends badder
I fuck nuff gyal, got gyal like shabba
She knows my songs, I been making bangers

Step outside with 100 Killys
You know I got my shooters with me
She fell in love with the UK guys
Skinned a few times but the bitch ain’t mine
Unruly but you might get slimed
Woogie man’s gyal, mash up her life
High, fly as a kite
Gyal get wok in the night