Simi, DeJa – Duduke (French Remix)

Simi DeJa Duduke French Remix
Simi, DeJa – Duduke (French Remix)

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Nigerian songstress, Simi comes through with the French Version to her new single titled ‘Duduke“, to celebrate her 40 million views.

The wondeerful song ‘Duduke‘ features her daughter, DeJa who gave us a surprise package for her birthday, ‘Happy Birthday‘.

To celebrate #Duduke40milliion I’m giving you #Duduke in French…because we all deserve to hear beautiful songs in beautiful languages.

So I want to say Thank You. For every time you have played it. Over and over and over again. So many people tell me “this is my baby’s favourite song”. So, Thank You to the little angels that sing “du du ke” along with me. Thank You to the moms and dads and aunties and uncles that press play on your behalf.
Deja hears this song from across the room and comes running running running (ok getting carried away lol). But she loves it, and for the record, this is the only song of mine that my mum has written down all of the lyrics to learn it. She and her grandbaby can’t get enough. Thank You to both of them.

Listen and share your thoughts below:

Simi, DeJa – Duduke (French Remix) MP3

Simi Duduke French Remix Lyrics

Shebi tu sais dire que tous les jours je prie pour toi
Dans mon coeur oh il y a une place permanente pour toi

C’est pourquoi mon cœur bat comme duduke, du duke
Parce que toi je choisis oh, ayanfe mi, a yan fe
Je chante pour toi et je suis comme duduke, du du ke
Bébé na toi je vais choisir oh ayanfe mi, a yan fe

Seulement pour toi, ils battent comme, duduke, du du ke
Je chante pour toi mon bébé oh, ayanfe mi, a yan fe
Duduke duduke oh, duduke du du ke
Mo feran e oh
Ayanfe mi
Ayanfe mi, un yan fe
Olufe mi

Bébé regarde moi maintenant
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