Tekno – King of Pop Lyrics

Tekno King of Pop Lyrics

(DJ Coublon)

Te te te te

Te te te
Kpare, Kpare
Kpare, Kpare

Kpare, Kpare

Oyo Oyo
Oya ooh Oya
Oya ooh jupa
Carry go, omo todunbin sugar
This ya body dey make me to tire
Softly whoo me with this ya kaya

Kpare Kpare, Kpare,
Kpare, Kpare,

Jiggy Jiggy
Heavy Heavy
Jiggy Jiggy
Heavy heavy
Le Paris salutations, Le France

Too much energy for the after party
Give me one for the road
You are rocking with
Number one most wanted Tekno
Give me your low waist
What are you cooking
I like the aroma

If you want my kporo
I fit to give you di ting like back to back
Ga gau
Te te te te te
Te te te
Ga gau
Kpare, Kpare,
Kpare, Kpare,

(Oh my God Fiokee)