Tshego – Just The Start Lyrics

Tshego Just The Start Lyrics

This is just the start
This ain’t the whole timeline this is just a part
Can’t nobody press me all them n***** swaak
I came out the graveyard I came out the dark
Why are you so guarded, baby girl do you know who your god is?

Stop indulging way too much in gossip
Come fuck with this dick built like the Loch Ness
Oh lord I been on some hot shit
Can’t just talk to anybody show me where your boss is.

If you ain’t a boss n**** you don’t know no losses
I still count a hundred favours chillin in my pocket
Album’s almost done n****, ye I’m bout to drop it
I’m coming back for everything like I thought I lost it

But I never lose, that shits impossible
Cause everything with God is always possible
I was in the dark but never worshipped idols
When I was in the valley’s I picked up a bible

You should do the same and let those conversations guide you
Take it from my rivals
You don’t want to war with me when my blessing’s up
And my people praying for me heavy like a truck
Tell your people slide on me