$UICIDEBOY$ – Genesis Lyrics

$UICIDEBOY$ Genesis Lyrics, Suicideboys Genesis Lyrics

Sold my soul to the grey
Became a household name
I claimed my grave and chained my name
I’m out the game
I don’t play to win
I don’t play at all and win by default
I climbed to the top just to see how far down I would fall
Looked up at the heavens and thought it looked small
Below me a valley a demons constantly scheming
I looked back down thinking “Fuck all of yall”
I came into this world as an accident
Blazing trails just to get a whiff of that blackened scent
Pull up in the porsche if the benz got in an accident

Ima have to get my car wrapped again
I’m back again
Back against the wall
Tryna live it up before the curtain falls
White knuckle grip holding up my grey cabal
Any questions?
Give one of my managers a call

Used to hide from the pigs not it’s the irs
Wetto stil white trash
Fuck all the alphabets
Ain’t a damn thing changed but the change I got
All these chains came from pain and the blame I rock
Just gimme the drop
Gimme the spot
Gimme the time
Gimme the place
Ringing the 9
Bringing the mob
Keeping the iron by my waist
Off of the lines like a race
My decline gave me space to get my ind to redefine what the fuck I’m looking for today

So it’s fuck an intro
Fuck what you think you know
“Scrim was better on dope”
Fuck I heard that before
Pulling crowds like the pope
Heard your broke and it shows
I won’t say no names though but he got a cameo
$uicide til the murder show
Been getting head all around the globe
Backstage hoes tell em tally-ho
Maybe oddy though