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Week 28 Pool Banker Room 2021 – Pool Banker Draws 2020/2021

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Welcome to our pool banker room for the 2020/2021 season. We highly appreciate your contribution to our pool banker room, your efforts in ensuring prompt weekly winnings is highly valued by all visitors and members of this website.


Here are the rules and regulations guiding visitors to post/comments banker on this thread. It is important to pay attention to this set of rules or guide in order for you to get your bankers approved by our administrator.


Failure to keep to these terms will attract automatic disqualification.


Kindly drop your comments below!


  1. Week28
    Play=01:04:07:09:14:38 must

    Each of this Numbers has prove but
    Let me prove only No:38
    For security

    Bordeaux vs (N)antes No:07 XXXX FWN.

    (N)ice vs Bordeaux No:38 XXXX FWN.

    Every Purple 1st alphabet home team No:39 X2 S=19
    19X2=38 XXXX


  2. Please let move on no matter what.

    Welcome to wk28. xxx16xxx , 10 Wed 14.

    Reason for the banker: the first appearance of PSV in coupon to play its position the previous week, then the week of appearance to play its first letter “P”= 16. This week28, P S V is on number 44, therefore 44 to play in wk27, then this week 28 to play 16 which is its first letter.

    Ref. Wk41/wk40 2018/19, wk44/ wk43 2019/20 and current wk28/ Wk27 2020/21

    For the Pair every week 28 started from 2017 till date, the number of DRAWS in previous week 28 to play 3 up and 3 down for ONE. Eg. 2017 18drs, wk28 2018: 16√ ∆ 20ff, wk28 2018= 12drs, wk28 2019: 10√ ∆ 14√, 2019= 9drs, 2020: 7√ ∆11√, last year 12drs, this week 28 : 10xx wed 14.

    We pray for GREEN! Admin.

    You be Baba.

  3. Everton
    Southampton serially arrange like this on coupon this season.

    Southampton = XXX
    Hamilton = XXX and
    St Johnstone = XXX
    To draw

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