Yeat – As We Speak Lyrics

Yeat As We Speak Lyrics, Yeat ft Drake As We Speak Lyrics

We been overseas
Palermo by the beach
Which one you want?
I think I’m ’bout to tweak
Know it’s weighing on your mind
It’s weighing as we speak
You say it’s all fine
But it was bad last week
You say you wanna talk
As we speak
You say you wanna walk
Move them feet
Lay ’em down in chalk
Dead in the street (Yeah)
Always lose my mind (Yeah)
Put it on a timeline, put it on the Instagram
Put it on the limelight, put it on her head right
Conscious on the bed side, not a phone in sight
All we call is the night, oh, you wanna feel alright?

I’ma show you how to feel
But I’ll tell you this first
Last supper was my meal
I need blood to converse
Wipe my hands of the deal
Put it in a hearse

Worst come to worst, put it on the verge, put it on the moon
Worst come worst, I don’t want the words, I want ya room
First come first, but come first, yeah, and I’ll serve you
They all want the new me, but I want the old you
Tell me what you did, put it on the light
I am down to rage, I am down to fight
All you ever do is ride it like a bike
What comes first? Everything worse
Everything worse
Take a break first
‘Fore you get heated, ‘fore you get worse
I can’t put it into words but I do it first

Shout to Big Boat
I’m so concrete
Just made ten mill’
As we speak
Like snow to the Six
Like sand to the beach
She wanna bring her friend
Girl, I got no backseat, fuck
Back in America, fuckin’ on hoes from the ratchetest area, what?
Spanish hoes love me, they talk to me like I’m from Latin America, what?
We know your girl, she get tossed in the circle like Captain America, what?
You boys are jokin’, it’s actually embarrassin’, me and Lil Twist is just slappin’ in Maryland
Lost in October, like, “Fuck it, oh well”
Really can’t even spell ball with no L’s
They gonna act like they hot on my trail
Thought he was big till I got on the scale
My n** flicked up with a owl chain on in the Range, don’t know how he got it in jail

Don’t know
No idea
No idea
Don’t know
Don’t know
Don’t know

I’m back again
Let the money come first
Let the money converse
We got billion dollar money
Which one first?
I could put you in this building
I could give you much worse
I could tear it all down
Make a huff and puff hurt
And you cheaper than some dirt
I’ll make this shit hurt, yeah
Take you to the edge
And push you off the Earth

And all I wanna see is something
And all I wanna feel is something
As we speak, it’s not for discussion
Time again, you always bluffing
Yeah, you always bluffing, you always
Hiding in your roots, hiding in your lies, always something and you
Don’t wanna tell the truth, you won’t tell them all what you told me, yeah
Yeah, I’ma sit around and I’ma hide until you find me, yeah